Matestar MAT-002H Carbon Heater


*prices do not include delivery & installation

Warm up this winter with MAT-002H oscillating carbon heater. With 1200W power this portable carbon heater is lightweight and can be easily transported to any room.

The heater comes in silver and features a rotating base which allows for 180 degree rotation for maximum heat coverage all around the room.

With a built-in thermostat and energy efficient radiant technology, the device consists of an automatic cut-out feature to avoid overheating.

Reflector upward adjustable
Two carbon fiber tubes, silver or other spray-paint color, manual type
Power: 600w / 1200w
Max Power: 1200W,low and high two heating power setting
Instant heat accompanied by not dazzling light
Safety tip-over switch, safety mesh grill
Width angle oscillation
Integral carry handle
High efficiency, energy-saving than normal heater
Have far-infrared physical therapy for body