Amica VM3046 Vacuum Cleaner


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Max Power: 900W
System container volume: 1.5L

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Outlet filter: EPA 12

Any allergy-sufferers or small children in your company? Vacuuming will no longer mean clouds of pollen, mites or dust! A special filter inside the vacuum cleaner filters the exhaust air, removing even dirt produced by the engine. It is a perfect solution for those who want their homes to be spotless! Clean apartment, clean air!
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Parquet brush

Your parquet flooring looks fantastic...or was it scratched by the vacuum cleaner again?! No more scratches on your floor panels, tiles or stone flooring! A specifically designed soft brush with long, synthetic bristles does not leave scratches on wooden floors to maximally extend their life. Vacuum vast, hard surfaces easily, effectively and... without scratches!
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Soft start

This electronically controlled vacuum cleaner start-up ensures smooth motor start. It warrants better motor protection, thus prolonging its working life.

Power control

Is the suction too strong or too weak? Now it’s easy to control the suction power and adjust it to the surface while vacuum cleaning. The power control comes with a slider or dial on the vacuum cleaner for better and faster vacuum cleaning of all surface types; this also helps reduce the electricity bills inflated by too much suction power.

Mechanical suction control in the sleeve handle

Enables you to quickly reduce suction power in emergency, e.g. when a large item (a newspaper or a plastic bag, etc.) is pulled in.

Soft, quiet wheels

Vacuuming on hard flooring may be a source of noise and scratches... Unless your vacuum cleaner has soft, quiet wheels! Rubber wheels protect your floors – even delicate parquet flooring will not be damaged! They also protect the vacuum cleaner itself, making it less sensitive to vibrations. Safer vacuuming, longer use!