Blaupunkt HMM601 Hand Mixer


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Every enthusiast of home-made desserts know that perfect home baking is determined by properly measured proportions of ingredients and both reliable and functional kitchen equipment.

The HMM601 rotary bowl mixer from Blaupunkt facilitates and accelerates kitchen work. It will be an invaluable assistant when preparing cakes to make your family and guests absolutely spellbound.

This model features the high maximum power 750 W, thanks to which it will easily help you with such activities as beating egg whites for meringue to produce a uniform and crisp shell, as well as with the thorough mixing of ingredients to make a light and fluffy sponge cake.

In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the device with a 5-stage adjustable speed control, which can be set to the type of activity being performed and the products you are preparing. You just use the rotary slider to select the desired speed for beating cream or curd, or for kneading dough. By pressing the Turbo button, you can activate a powerful acceleration of rotations for a short time.

The set comes with two beaters, which are perfect for beating light cakes, egg white to foam, creams and whipped cream, and also with two hook mixers for preparing a uniform dough for biscuits.

The device is light, which makes its operation very convenient, while the mixer-release button allows the efficient cleaning of residues from the mixer. The HMM601 is equipped with a 3-litre rotary bowl, which is ample for preparing aromatic pastries for the whole family

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• High maximum power: 750 W
• Rapid ramming and mixing
• Two beaters and two hooks included
• Eject button for releasing attachments
• 5 working speeds
• 3l rotating plastic bowl
• Power supply: 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, power: 500 W
• Dimension: 28 x 19 x 33 cm
• Weight: 2 kg
• EAN code: 5901750504518